Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Want To Call Me?

Hi everyone! I started doing web cam shows again! If you'd like to order a show you can CLICK HERE to find out more about how it works. I'm also taking calls if you'd like to chat! Phone and cam go really great together! Just click the call button below to call me:

Note to the members of my site: I just added 2 new photo sets to the members area! Hope you enjoy them!

Friday, October 12, 2007

I Finally Got My Birth Certificate

I FINALLY got my birth certificate in the mail today!!!!!!! Yea!! For those of you who don't know the story.. When I won the MW class at the 07 Team Universe I won a trip to Spain to represent the USA in the World Championships but couldn't go because I was unable to get my passport. I couldn't get the passport because my original birth certificate was lost in Hurricane Katrina and I had a hard time getting a replacement! Not having an original birth certificate also stopped me from getting a TX drives license. Now that it finally came in the mail I was able to renew my drives license before it expired. Long story short... don't lose your birth certificate in a hurricane! The funny part about that story was that I put it i a safety deposit box at the bank in New Orleans when I lived there thinking it was safe and the bank flooded to the roof for 3 months. How weird is that?! Now that I have it I'm applying for a passport so I'll have it for next year!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

What I've been doing!

Hi everyone!! I've been super busy the last few days!! I've been doing lots of work on the www.BuffBunnies.com website the past few days and going to the gym twice a day! I still have lots of emails to go through but I'm finally getting my inbox under control again. I'll be adding an update to my website tonight so be sure to watch out for that. Yesterday I helped my friend Barbie move in to her new house! She just moved back to Texas and now she lives right down the street from me! How fun!! We'll get to start going to the gym together! You can visit Barbie's site at www.FitnessUnarmed.com Did you know that there will be a new web cam site about to go up? It should be up and running any day now. From what I hear it's going to be the best bodybuilder cam site out there by far and I'm already signed up as a performer on it. As soon as it goes up you can find me on cam there!!! The URL is www.UltraVidz.com . Well, I've got to get going now! I have a lot of packages to drop off at the post office!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

I'm Back Home!

Well I'm back home from my Vegas trip and have HUNDREDS of emails in my inbox that need to be answered! The Olympia was so much fun!!! I'm ready to move to Vegas now!!

Here is a picture of me at the Olympia Expo with Denise Masino and Lauren Powers.

Friday, September 21, 2007

I'm Going To The Olympia!

I'm going to the Olympia this year! My plane tickets and hotel are booked for Vegas baby!! I have a dog sitter lined up for while I'm gone and she's a cutie too! Now all I have to do is pack my bags! If your going to the Olympia this year be sure to find me so we can say hi and I'd love to take a picture together!

Also, I've been VERY busy working on my website (and the http://www.buffbunnies.com/ site) the past few days! I've been doing lots of work moving the sites to a faster host so they should load faster! I've had a few tech problems but that's been handled! The site is up and running well and even has new photo galleries with a slide show feature so you can have both hands free while viewing the members area! Be sure to check out the all out real girl-girl action! It just keeps getting better and better! New video clips will be going up tomorrow so keep an eye out!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I'm home!!

Hi everyone!! I had soooooo much fun in Las Vegas that I almost didn't want to come back home!! LOL! I had a GREAT time! Now I want to pack up and move there!! Hmmmm... now that's an idea! I even meet one of my long lost friends from New Orleans that I've known for about 10 years! She's a gym rat like me! Where's Brandy?? In the gym! Where's Melissa? In the gym! hehehehe! Got to love it! She was doing figure at the USA in Vegas! I couldn't believe we ran into each other again! We exchanged phone numbers and spent the rest of the trip together walking around the strip getting our cardio in. I say cardio because it was 2 days full of walking. We'd stop to get a green salad with a grilled chicken breast and an unsweet tea. I'm not sure what her next show will be but I'm getting ready to compete in Spain in 6 weeks. I'll post picture when I get them off of my memory card! Oh, and Brandy did a shoot with Dan Ray so I'll post some of her photo shoot pictures also. Now that I'm home again I have so much to do! I have lots of DVD orders that need to be mailed out so if you placed an order on my store page and didn't get your package in the mail yet it's because I was out of town 3 weeks out of the month of July! I'll get those packages in the mail in the next 2 days! Other than that, I have all the sites to update and I have 2 websites that I need to finish building. I'm working on IFBB Pro John Shermans new website and Jody May's new site Fit-N-Flashy!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Wow!! Lynn McCrossin/Melissa Dettwiller Pec Bounce!!

Lynn McCrossin and I broke in my brand new video camera while we were waiting to start shooting with Denise!! She and I had a request for the 2 of us doing some wild pec bouncing and flexing so that's EXACTLY what we did!!! Boy, did we get some good footage of that!! We even got the make up artist Kelly trying to flex her pecs!! It was Pec Bouncing 101 By Melissa Dettwiller!

Dildos, Dildos, & More Dildos!

Dildos, dildos, vibrators, strap on's, and lube every where!!! Yes, we're still filming in Vegas!! I've been keeping busy!!

About To Shoot Some More Video!

Here are some pictures of me at Denise's house stopping to take a coffee break and talk on the phone between shooting the next scene for the DVD! We're having so much fun!! It's like a big house party. lol! We even have a make up girl walking around the house wearing a strap on!! She's not using it on anyone but we are having a ball!! There are two HUGE boxes of dildos, vibrators, strap on's, anal toys, etc.. full to the top in the closet just waiting to use used!!! Oh, and there is a fucking machine on the way along with a dildo attachment for a drill and one for a sawzall (also knows as a fuckzall )!!!!!!! The package is being shipping U.P.S. and will be here Tuesday! Don't you wish you were here!

Kelly, The Make-Up & Hair Girl

Hi guys!! Meet Kelly!! Our HOT new hair and make up girl!!! This yummy little thing showed up on the doorstep late last night and did my make up and hair at 8am sharp! She's part of the official crew! Oh, and she's in a band called Rocket! We also, have another make & hair girl who's also a photographer!! Her name is Lori and she shoots with Nikon!!! Only cool people shoot in NIKON!! Note: I have a Nikon!

Guess Who's Plane Landed!

Guess who's plan landed last night!! Lynn McCrossin is here and she's SUPER sweet!! She and I will be filming out first scene together for the upcomming DVD! Can't wait! I think it's going to involve an anal toy, some bondage, and... well, I can't tell you everything! You can visit Lynn's personal website at www.PecPanther.com

Friday, July 20, 2007

Look What I did!!

I'm still in Las Vegas shooting with Denise Masino for our next DVD. She rented this huge 6 bedroom, 4 bathroom house in Las Vegas with a pool, hot tub, and rock water fall in the back yard for everyone to stay in while we shoot. We have 2 make up/hair girls, 2 videographers with 4 HD video camers, 2 photographers (1 is also a make up artist), and lots of models with muscles cumming and going! Oh, back to telling you about the house.. It's so nice... ummmm... and clean... well, until I put a 12 pack of soda in the freezer because I wanted to be helpful and chill them for everyone in a hurry. We got so caught up in shooting so I guess you can guess what happen next! Yes, you guessed it! The ALL exploded!! Enjoy the pictures below!
I shot another scene for the new DVD with Roxie Rain today! It went REALLY well!!! She's just as wild as I am!! She and I had lots of fun shooting together. We forgot our dildo at home so we had to use something else. hehehehe!

Having A Blast In Vegas!!

I'm still in Las Vegas! Denise and I were busy shooting video for a new DVD that will hit the shelves in January! I just got out of hair and make up and I'm waiting to start shooting another scene with Denise. On another note.. I have internet access where we are staying so I can check my email but I can't not send email for some reason. If you email me I will get it but will not be able to reply. Well, I've got to go.. I'm being called away.

I'm In Las Vegas Baby!

Well, I made it home from New York! The Team Universe went really well!! I took 1st in the middleweight class!! I was home for about 2 days then I got on a plan and went to Las Vegas!! I'm staying in the house with Denise Masino and we're shooting our next DVD together! It's going to be called Melissa's Sexual Confessions! She and I have been shooting ALL day and we 7 more days to go! Now on another note. Did you know I have my very own fucking machine? Well, I forgot to pack it... hehehe! Just kidding.. I didn't know I needed it for the DVD shoot. As it turns out I had to call my maid back home, who is watching my dogs, to ask her to go upstairs in my closet and get my machine and not to forget any of the parts, lol. It was so funny because I had to tell her what it was and I didn't even remember if I left a dildo stuck to the end of it or not! Anyhow.. she took it to the U.P.S. store down the street from my house and had them pack it and overnight it to me here in Las Vegas. It cost $135 to ship. Well, now you know what one of the scenes will be.. Hmmm... I'm giving away clues, aren't I? ;o)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

1st Place - 07 Team Universe

I just got back from New York!! I won 1st place in the middle weights at the 07 Team Universe! Now I get to represent the USA at the IFBB Women's World Bodybuilding Championships. Held in Santa Susanna, Spain, September 21-22, 2007 !!! I uploaded some photos that we took while in New York at the Team Universe. Click the link below to see the free photo gallery. ;O)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

I'm A Middle Weight

I made middle weight!!! This is the first time I've EVER competed as a
middle weight! I'm so excited!

Melissa Dettwiller
2251 FM 646 W. STE 110 #20
Dickinson, TX 77539

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

~Who's going to New York for the 2007 Team Universe Bodybuilding show? I'll be there competing as a middleweight for my Pro Card in bodybuilding so wish me lots of luck! This is the first time I've EVER competed as a middleweight! I've really been working HARD getting ready for this show and the day is getting closer! It's this Saturday July 14th. I CAN'T wait! I've been on a VERY HARD diet for the past 20 weeks getting ready for this day. I'm running on zero carbs and no fats but I'm making it! It's taking all of my energy out of me! I'm up to 3 hours of cardio a day, practicing my posing, working on my posing routine, hitting the weight room HARD, and working on websites! I design websites for other competitors and fitness related businesses. You can see my work on my Web Design Sites BuffDoll Studios and Fat Free Web Designs. My upper body has come up in size with lots of hard work and I've honed my legs down to have better symmetry, this year. I just got my custom-made posing suits in the mail and they are out of this world beautiful!!! This is by far my prettiest night-show suit yet! Thank you C.J. for making my suits! A BIG Thank you goes to IFBB Pro Colette Nelson for putting together my music and posing routine for me! An extra BIG Thank you to Colette's husband Dave Palumbo with Species Nutrition for helping me with my diet and nutrition! I'm the Species Nutrition ad girl!!! Thank you to everyone from the Muscular Development Forum for all the support. Thank you to my favorite photographer Dan Ray who also works for Muscular Development Magazine for not only doing my photo shoots for me for my site and the BuffBunnies.com site but for being a friend! The best for last... Thank you to my husband, Danny for putting up with me the past few weeks, lol, and all of his support. He is truly the most amazing trainer I have ever come across, and really knows my body and how to trick it into responding. If I've forgotten anyone it's the lack of carbs so please don't get mad at me. hehehehe! Heck! At this point I feel like I should add a thank you to Starbucks Coffee House for all the Americanos with extra shots of esspress that kept me going! In addition.. I want LOTS OF CHERRY CHEESECAKE from the Cheesecake Factory, Reeses Big Cups, Snickers, and pasta!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Hi everyone! I'm booking LIVE 1-on-1 cam shows from now until I leave for the 07 Team Universe in New York! I'm in contest condition and have rock hard abs with veins spidering up them!!! My legs are coming in nicely and my upper body came up in size too! If you'd like to see me LIVE on cam while I'm in contest condition CLICK HERE to book a show!

Melissa Dettwiller
2251 FM 646 W. STE 110 #20
Dickinson, TX 77539

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I took some progress pictures yesterday! I didn't have anyone to take them for me so I tried to take them myself. It was kind of hard flexing my abs AND holding the camera at the same time so you can't see my abs as well in some of them but you can see how lean and vascular I am. I wasn't going to post them but I though I'd post them any way. My abs are very much out! Even if it doesn't look like it in some of the photos. hehehehe! Right now I'm about 4 1/2 weeks out from the 07 Team Universe in New York on July 14th. My weight is 138 lbs. I have to be 135 lbs to make weight for the middle weight class.

Totally Off Topic

Ok! I know this is totally off topic but I bought a new tree for my back yard. Well, I bought 3 because I don't have much of a green thumb! That way if 2 die I'll still have one so I'll keep my fingers crossed. It's a Princess Tree also known as an Empress Tree, or Paulwina Tree. It's known to be the fastest growing tree there is and is said to grow as much as 15 feet in one year!! oh, and they make pink flowers! How can I not buy a pink tree!!! I got them in the mail today 6-12-07 and planted them in flower pots. I'll take another picture in 2 weeks so I'll keep you posted! hehehe! You can read more about them here.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Melissa & Farm Animals

I spent the day at the Kema Bardwalk yesterday and It was so much fun! Once I saw the animals I just had to stop!! The animals were sooooooooooooooooo sweet!!!! I didn't want to stop feeding them! While I was petting the animals I heard some guy say he wanted to pet the bodybuilder! lol

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Guess what!!! I just got my posing music for the Team U and it's soooooooooo cute! I'm going to have the cutest posing routine of anyone there!!!! Colette Nelson mixed my music and put together my posing routine for me!

Now I can't wait to get my posing suite in the mail!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Trish Wells Footage

Hi everyone! I wanted to let you know that I have another web cam show booked at 3p.m. central time today! You can see me live in my members area at www.MelissaDettwiller.com . The show is FREE to all current members. If your not already a member you can join for only $16.99 !

I just updated my members area with a lot of my old Trish Wells clips and I'll be adding a lot of the talked about Trish Wells photo sets also if you'd like to take a look!! Oh, and of course I added some current footage too!

The DVD with Angie Salvagno and I will be out this week so be sure to keep an eye out for that but for now check out the free trailer for my new DVD with Denise Masino! You can watch the free trailer for the DVD herewww.melissadettwiller.com/store/index.html

Melissa Dettwiller
2251 FM 646 W. STE 110 #20
Dickinson, TX 77539
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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Web Cam Show!

I wanted to keep you posted on my next 30 minute live web cam show in my members area! I'll be on cam Saturday May 19th at 3 p.m. central time! FREE to all current members of my website! If your not already a member you can join for only $16.99.

I also sell private 1-on-1 webcam sessions if you'd like to to book a private show CLICK HERE!

Photo Update

Here are my pictures from last week. Sorry I didn't post them sooner. They were taken on
5-12-07 and I was 146 lbs. I'll be taking more photos this Saturday! I'll keep you posted!! :O)

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Next Live Cam Shot In The Members Area

My next live web cam show in my members area will be Thursday May 10th
at 3 p.m. (central time). If your not already a member you can visit the
join page of my site to sign up

I also offer private one-on-one cam shows! If you'd like to book an
100% private cam show you can go here
http://melissadettwiller.com/store/camorderform.htm to find out more!

Melissa Dettwiller
2251 FM 646 W. STE 110 #20
Dickinson, TX 77539

Vote for me: http://www.female-bodybuilders.org/melissa-dettwiller
My MySpace Page: http://www.myspace.com/melissadettwiller

My New DVD Is Out!

I just wanted to let everyone know that my new DVD is out!!! You can find it on the store page my my website. CLICK HERE to order!

Wild Anal West
This DVD is a collection of never before released scenes of our very own erotic super heros and comic book characters brought to life in graphic triple XXX high definition detail.

Starring the super-luscious Denise Masino, Melissa Dettwiller, Gayle Moher, Roxie Rain, Nadia Nardi, and Tatianna Anderson.

Approx. 75 min. Full Color
DVD Extras: Photo Galleries, Theatrical Trailer, & TWO EXTRA SCENES!

*Available Now on DVD*
$41.99 + shipping
WARNING: Contains Explicit Footage!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

June Issue Of Muscular Development Magazine

Guess what! I just found out that I'm in the June 2007 issue of Muscular Development Magazine! You can find me on page 70, 76, 78, & 347. How exciting!!

Live Web Cam Show

-My next live webcam show in my members area will be Thursday, May 3rd, 2007 at 3p.m. central time! FREE to all members of my website! If your not already a member CLICK HERE to join for only $16.99.
If you'd like to book a 100% private 1-on-1 nude or non-nude live webcam show with me please CLICK HERE!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

10 Weeks Out @ 149 lbs

In these pictures I'm 10 weeks out and I lost another pound so now I'm 149 lbs. Pictures were taken on April 28, 07.