Tuesday, July 10, 2007

~Who's going to New York for the 2007 Team Universe Bodybuilding show? I'll be there competing as a middleweight for my Pro Card in bodybuilding so wish me lots of luck! This is the first time I've EVER competed as a middleweight! I've really been working HARD getting ready for this show and the day is getting closer! It's this Saturday July 14th. I CAN'T wait! I've been on a VERY HARD diet for the past 20 weeks getting ready for this day. I'm running on zero carbs and no fats but I'm making it! It's taking all of my energy out of me! I'm up to 3 hours of cardio a day, practicing my posing, working on my posing routine, hitting the weight room HARD, and working on websites! I design websites for other competitors and fitness related businesses. You can see my work on my Web Design Sites BuffDoll Studios and Fat Free Web Designs. My upper body has come up in size with lots of hard work and I've honed my legs down to have better symmetry, this year. I just got my custom-made posing suits in the mail and they are out of this world beautiful!!! This is by far my prettiest night-show suit yet! Thank you C.J. for making my suits! A BIG Thank you goes to IFBB Pro Colette Nelson for putting together my music and posing routine for me! An extra BIG Thank you to Colette's husband Dave Palumbo with Species Nutrition for helping me with my diet and nutrition! I'm the Species Nutrition ad girl!!! Thank you to everyone from the Muscular Development Forum for all the support. Thank you to my favorite photographer Dan Ray who also works for Muscular Development Magazine for not only doing my photo shoots for me for my site and the BuffBunnies.com site but for being a friend! The best for last... Thank you to my husband, Danny for putting up with me the past few weeks, lol, and all of his support. He is truly the most amazing trainer I have ever come across, and really knows my body and how to trick it into responding. If I've forgotten anyone it's the lack of carbs so please don't get mad at me. hehehehe! Heck! At this point I feel like I should add a thank you to Starbucks Coffee House for all the Americanos with extra shots of esspress that kept me going! In addition.. I want LOTS OF CHERRY CHEESECAKE from the Cheesecake Factory, Reeses Big Cups, Snickers, and pasta!

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