Friday, July 20, 2007

I'm In Las Vegas Baby!

Well, I made it home from New York! The Team Universe went really well!! I took 1st in the middleweight class!! I was home for about 2 days then I got on a plan and went to Las Vegas!! I'm staying in the house with Denise Masino and we're shooting our next DVD together! It's going to be called Melissa's Sexual Confessions! She and I have been shooting ALL day and we 7 more days to go! Now on another note. Did you know I have my very own fucking machine? Well, I forgot to pack it... hehehe! Just kidding.. I didn't know I needed it for the DVD shoot. As it turns out I had to call my maid back home, who is watching my dogs, to ask her to go upstairs in my closet and get my machine and not to forget any of the parts, lol. It was so funny because I had to tell her what it was and I didn't even remember if I left a dildo stuck to the end of it or not! Anyhow.. she took it to the U.P.S. store down the street from my house and had them pack it and overnight it to me here in Las Vegas. It cost $135 to ship. Well, now you know what one of the scenes will be.. Hmmm... I'm giving away clues, aren't I? ;o)

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