Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Maxwell Like Muscle Mags too!

Here is a picture I took of my kitty Maxwell (aka Big Pimping)with a copy of MD Magazine! :o) He likes muscle mags too ya know!

Oh, and he's in offseason condition if your wondering. Last time I took him to the vet he weighed in at 18 lbs.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Saturday I Sold Raffle Tickets To Raise Money For The Wheelchair....

Saturday I worked Roddy's (my trainer) Body By Roddy booth at the 2005 Greater Gulf States Bodybuilding & Figure Contest in New Orleans. :o) I wore a really tiny white bikini with clear heels and walked around the lobby and sold raffles tickets to help raise money for the wheel chair over all winner to help send him to the nationals. I sold the raffle tickets 2 for $5. It went over really well and at the same time I was able to pass out some of my comp cards. After the show was over we all went to Out Back Stake House.


Monday, June 27, 2005

10 Brand New Photo Sets Added Today! :O)

I just added 10 brand new photo sets to the members area of my site today! :o) Some sets have as many as 60 pictures per set! Hope you enjoy them!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Did You Know I Grind My Teeth At Night?

You know I grind my teeth really bad at night? I grind them so hard that I wore them down so much that I had to get veneers. Well, my teeth look much prettier now but it did cost me a lot of money! :o) My dentist told me that I had to wear a mouth guard at night for the rest of my life! She told me that not wearing it was NOT an option!! The mouth guard cost me $500 and keeping up with it is or was a another whole story! Once I took it out of my mouth when I was in bed to eat some snacks and watch a movie (that was off season of course).... well, when I went for it on the end table it was gone! I found my pug with it in HER mouth instead! Another time I found my pug with it again! This time she chewed the back of it off! The 3rd time I didn't even know it was missing but my husband found it under the coffee table.... I'll give you one guess who put it there! After all that I though I was going to be smart this time.... I was in bed and wanted to take it out of my mouth so I put in a paper cup on my end table and forgot to put it back in my mouth when I went to sleep. Well, I woke up the next morning and threw all the paper cups in the trash before I knew what happen it was TO LATE! Well, I threw my much needed $500 mouth guard in the trash and now it's GONE!!! I went to my dentist Liz and she took new impressions and checked my teeth. She informed me that I did chip one of them but it's not to bad but it's still going to take 2 weeks to get the new guard in. I really wish it would hurry and come in because when I wake up in the morning I can feel the pressure I put on my teeth at night

Monday, June 20, 2005

My Name Is Misspelled On My Comp Cards!!

I get all the way the Chicago for the Jr. Nats and start passing out my new comp cards then notice that the printer misspelled my name on them! I used I don't know what they plan on doing about it.

Pictures From The 05 Jr. Nationals

Here are some pictures from the Jr. Nationals. I hope you like them and I will be posting a few more soon so keep an eye out!

Me and Robbin Parker after the night show

Me and my trainer IFBB Pro Roddy Gaubert after I won 2nd place!! I'm building his website for him. I'm not done with it yet but the URL will be

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Melissa Dettwiller 2nd Place 05 Jr. Nats. LH Class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEA!!!!

Guess what everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got 2nd place at the Jr. Nationals in the Women's Open Light Weight Class!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited!!!!!! I took lots of pictures for you guys and I'm going to post them as soon as I get home. I'm still in Chicago and I have lots of photo shoots lined up for tomorrow so I won't be heading home until Monday. After the show I went to the sports bar in the host hotel with a bunch of my friends and some of the other competitors and photographers to have a drink. Andrea Trent was there, and so was GeneX, Jame's Cook from, Dara Tragger, and a bunch of others. I don't normally drink but I made an exception and had an Apple Martine now I have more veins showing in my abs than I did on stage! WOW! I'll have to have a glass of red wine before I go on stage for my next show instead of my Snickers Bar.

Oh, and how could I forget.. Elena Seiple did my make up for me for the prejudging and the night show! That girl is so good with stage make up!!! Thank you Elena!

Friday, June 17, 2005

2005 Jr. Nationals Pre Judging Went Well

The prejudging for the Jr. Nationals was today!!! WOW! What a big show!! Over 200 competitors total!!! I weighed in at 137 on the dot so that puts me in the correct weight class this time! I'm in the women's open light heavy class. ;O) LOL! Remember what happen at the last show I did? I got stuck in the heavy weight class because I was 1 lb over! Don't want to do that again! Well, the prejudging for the Jr. Nats went well so far. I was the 2nd number called out in the first call out!!!!!!!!!!! That means I have a very good chance at getting 2nd place in my weight class! ;o) I think there were a total of 10 competitors in my weight class. I did go out and have real food after the show. I even have pictures of me stuffing my face!!! hehehehe! and yes, I will be posting them on here for you to see. lol! Now I have to hold my condition until tomorrow night for the night show so I can't go to over board with the food just yet. I did take a picture of me back stage with my king size Reeses Cups before I walked out on stage too..

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Getting Ready For The Jr. Nationals

My next show is the Jr. Nationals in Chicago on June 17th and I need Pro Tan! :o( I went to the local health food store to buy a bottle but they were all sold out so the girl working behind the counter ordered me one from the their other store. I'll be able to pick it up tomorrow so that should be ok since I don't leave for Chicago until Thursday morning. My diet changed again today because my weight finally got down to 140 lbs!! I get some carbs now! YEA! but, no salt! Yuck! All my meals have 50 grams of protein now. The reason for that is because the extra protein will help dry me out more for the show. I was eating 40 grams per meal (5 meals a day).

Friday, June 10, 2005

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Got my posing suites for the Jr. Nationals in the mail today!

I got my brand new posing suites that I ordered from CJ in the mail today!!! I LOVE THEM! They are so pretty! The night suite is covered in rhinestones! I can't wait to wear them for the Jr. Nationals! :o)

I trained chest and triceps today but didn't get a chance to go over my posing this time. I did change my diet today. I only get 60 carbs a day now. Well see how I feel. lol! I won't have much energy over the next few days. I cut my salt out on Wednesday... Yuck! Well, it's not as bad as it sounds. I'm use to my diet foods now. I just have to be sure not to over cook my chicken breast so it's not dry. Dry chicken breast and no salt would be gross!

Oh, and I feed the ducks again today! It was the cutest thing in the whole wind world!!! One of the big white ones let me pick him/her up!!! hehehehe! Maybe it was because I had a bowl of duck food in my hand (dog treats that I wet and chopped up). You know what else was cute??? A blue jay flew down and snagged an entire half a slice of bread off the ground and flew away with it!! hehehe! :o) Well, I've got to go now.. on my way out the door to the gym again. I have to do an hour of cardio, tan, and call James about the webcam site when I get in the car

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

My Day

Today I
-changed the buttons on Nasser El Sonbaty's website for him
-ran sprints at the park (got to get my legs cut for the Jr. Nationals & the USA)
-feed the duck before I left (How could I leave the park and not feed the ducks! No way!)
-stopped at the post office to drop some 8x10's & videos in the mail and I checked my mail box while I was there (I got a package with some new bikinis in today! I LOVE shopping online!!!)
-met with my trainer to do back & biceps, then went over my posing again
-went to my gym after to do calves and an hour of cardio
-tan (Yes, I was nude! Oiled up too!)
-picked up a few things at the grocery store (more chicken, fish, & natural peanut butter)
-then drove an hour to my mom's house to pick up my 3 dogs and my 2 cats (I dropped them off Thursday so I could go to my show to compete this past week end). My car was FULL!
-then I cleaned my whole house
-did cam shows on FTwebcam
well that pretty much sums up my day! :o)

Oh, and I spoke with someone from Card Service International (The Internet Tool Box) about getting a merchants account for my website! I can't wait till I have that in place.. I'm going to have a new join page. I don't want to keep using CCbill.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Muscle Elegance Shoot w/ Denise Masino

Guess what?! I have a Muscle Elegance shoot scheduled with Denise Masino for July 26th & 27th in Las Vegas! So stay tuned! Looks like it's going to get pretty wild too! I'll get more details tomorrow. :o)

My Brand New Mailing List!

I just added a mailing list to my site . I'm going to start using that to keep everyone posted on what's new on my site. If you'd like to be notified of new updates, when I'm live on web cam, and breaking news be sure to subscribe by entering your name and email address and hitting submit. I will only us this mailing list to keep you posted. You can unsubscribe at any time very easily with out any hassle.

Monday, June 06, 2005

2nd Place Women's Open HW - 2005 Southern Classic

I was about 1 lb. over the cut off weight for the middle weight at the Southern Classic so I got thrown in the Heavy Weight Class. I could have weighed in again in the morning but my trainer wanted me in the heavy weight so that's where I went. I would have won the middle weight and got 1st but instead I went up with the big girls!

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Today's Show Time!

Today's show time everyone! I'm in the hotel getting ready putting on those last coats of tanner and packing my bag for back stage! I'll let you know how I do! :o)

Friday, June 03, 2005

My Show Is Tomorrow!

My show is tomorrow!! I Think I'll place well! :o) Jennifer and I
spent most of the day Pro Tanning ourselves. I'm so glad she's doing
this show also! I don't know how I would have gotten my back.. She
competes in figure and this is her 2nd show too. I made video clips of
us putting on our Pro Tan and I'll be posting them in the members area
soon so be sure to watch for them! :o) Well, I've got to run to the
store to pick up some rhinestones for my hair and a nice hair clip for
the night show then I've got to get to bed so I can wake up at 5am to
start adding some more Pro Tan before the show! I'll keep you all
posted on how I do!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

5 Days Out - No Salt

5 days out from my contest! I've been eating plan chicken breast and sweet potatoes all day with NO SALT. It's not as bad as it sounds or maybe it's just that I'm so use to being on a diet that I forgot what food taste like! hehehehe! I'm still working on learning my posing routine... I'm getting closer though! I remember about 90% of it.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I'm Always Late!

You know how I always wait till the last minute for everything? Well, I just found out that the cut off date to submit your entry form for the Jr. Nationals is June 1st and I didn't turn my in yet! OMG! I can't believe that! I had to call the promoter and ask her if it was to late. Luckily she said as long as my entry was post marked for on or before the 1st she would accept it. Talk about a close call! I had to pay a double entry fee because it was late ($150) and $22 to Fedex it over night! I know the USA isn't till July 30 but I think I'm going to mail that entry from in this week! :o) Don't want to chance missing the cut off date again!

7 Days Left Till Show Time!

7 days left until the Mississippi show! I'm out of my mind from low carbs & I woke up with a nasty head cold but I'm hanging in there! I'm taking lots of vitamin C and drinking lots of water. Today I weighed 145 lbs. I think I'm going to be in the Light Heavy class. Tomorrow I have to cut the salt out of my diet... Yum! Can't wait!

I moved my website ( to a new host today. My site was getting so much traffic that my old host couldn't handle it and my site would go offline from time to time.. that made me very mad! lol! I couldn't let that happen!!! The old host was great when all I had was a one page site that said coming soon!

I fed the ducks again today!! They are so cute I just can't help myself!!