Wednesday, June 01, 2005

7 Days Left Till Show Time!

7 days left until the Mississippi show! I'm out of my mind from low carbs & I woke up with a nasty head cold but I'm hanging in there! I'm taking lots of vitamin C and drinking lots of water. Today I weighed 145 lbs. I think I'm going to be in the Light Heavy class. Tomorrow I have to cut the salt out of my diet... Yum! Can't wait!

I moved my website ( to a new host today. My site was getting so much traffic that my old host couldn't handle it and my site would go offline from time to time.. that made me very mad! lol! I couldn't let that happen!!! The old host was great when all I had was a one page site that said coming soon!

I fed the ducks again today!! They are so cute I just can't help myself!!

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