Wednesday, August 02, 2006

eBay Tool Bar Likes Me

Just an FYI. I though I'd post this because it's kind of funny & it could be useful information.

Someone hacked my eBay password and posted a Ferrari for sale under my account! eBay caught it right away (I don't know how) and froze my accout so fast it would have made your head spin!! I only say that because I was just shopping on eBay an hour before! I admit it.. I'm an eBay junkie! Well, to unfreeze my account I had to log into the live chat and talk to the tech and after answered a few questions (so he knew it was really me) he told me to download the eBay tool bar, so I did. Well today I got a message from someone on ebay asking when I was going to refund their money and it had a link to the auction. It looked EXACTLY like an eBay message. I clicked on the auction link to see if it WAS something I was selling then it asked for my password (I would never had entered it anyhow) and the tool bar popped up a window that told me not to enter my password that it was a trick. See... the tool bar is looking out for the BuffDoll!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

2006 USA Bodybuilding Championships EXPO - Las Vegas

IFBB Pro Nasser ElSonbaty

IFBB Pro Colette Nelson and Dave Palumbo

Amber Deluca

Isabelle Turell

Fawnia Monday