Friday, April 18, 2008

I'm In TRIMSPORT Magazine This Month!

Guess what!! I just found out I'm in TRIMSPORT this month, a Spanish fitness magazine! CLICK HERE to see it!

BTW.. Did you see the 35 min long bondage video I just added to my members area? It features me and Roxie Rain enjoying a masked slave girl. lol! I bet you can't guess who the slave chick is!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Want to chat on the phone?

Hi everyone! I now offer phone and cam shows! If you'd like to call me on the phone and talk one one one as well as get on cam give me a call by clicking the CALL button above!!! Also, if I'm not online you can also arrange a call back time by clicking the button above.

Video Update!

Hi everyone!! I just posted a new video on my site if you guys would like to check it out! Here are some still from it.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

My MySpace Page Got Deleted!

My MySpace page got deleted last night! I really don't know why!!! Maybe they didn't like the photos I put up of me kissing Allie Moyer! hehehehe! Hey, we weren't nude!!! Well, I just made a new page if you'd like to re add me as a friend! The URL is or you can search for me under this email

Oh My Gosh! I'm At It Again! LOL !!!

Today I missed my morning cardio but I did make it to the gym to work legs and I got a good glute work out in while I was there too!

Oh gosh! Here I am feeding the ducks! lol! I went to my local collage after the gym to find out about the different courses they had on graphic design and don't you know there was a huge pond with a track going around it.... and DUCKS!! Well if you know me then you KNOW there was no way I was passing up feeding the ducks!