Sunday, June 26, 2005

Did You Know I Grind My Teeth At Night?

You know I grind my teeth really bad at night? I grind them so hard that I wore them down so much that I had to get veneers. Well, my teeth look much prettier now but it did cost me a lot of money! :o) My dentist told me that I had to wear a mouth guard at night for the rest of my life! She told me that not wearing it was NOT an option!! The mouth guard cost me $500 and keeping up with it is or was a another whole story! Once I took it out of my mouth when I was in bed to eat some snacks and watch a movie (that was off season of course).... well, when I went for it on the end table it was gone! I found my pug with it in HER mouth instead! Another time I found my pug with it again! This time she chewed the back of it off! The 3rd time I didn't even know it was missing but my husband found it under the coffee table.... I'll give you one guess who put it there! After all that I though I was going to be smart this time.... I was in bed and wanted to take it out of my mouth so I put in a paper cup on my end table and forgot to put it back in my mouth when I went to sleep. Well, I woke up the next morning and threw all the paper cups in the trash before I knew what happen it was TO LATE! Well, I threw my much needed $500 mouth guard in the trash and now it's GONE!!! I went to my dentist Liz and she took new impressions and checked my teeth. She informed me that I did chip one of them but it's not to bad but it's still going to take 2 weeks to get the new guard in. I really wish it would hurry and come in because when I wake up in the morning I can feel the pressure I put on my teeth at night

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