Saturday, June 18, 2005

Melissa Dettwiller 2nd Place 05 Jr. Nats. LH Class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEA!!!!

Guess what everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got 2nd place at the Jr. Nationals in the Women's Open Light Weight Class!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited!!!!!! I took lots of pictures for you guys and I'm going to post them as soon as I get home. I'm still in Chicago and I have lots of photo shoots lined up for tomorrow so I won't be heading home until Monday. After the show I went to the sports bar in the host hotel with a bunch of my friends and some of the other competitors and photographers to have a drink. Andrea Trent was there, and so was GeneX, Jame's Cook from, Dara Tragger, and a bunch of others. I don't normally drink but I made an exception and had an Apple Martine now I have more veins showing in my abs than I did on stage! WOW! I'll have to have a glass of red wine before I go on stage for my next show instead of my Snickers Bar.

Oh, and how could I forget.. Elena Seiple did my make up for me for the prejudging and the night show! That girl is so good with stage make up!!! Thank you Elena!

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