Thursday, June 09, 2005

Got my posing suites for the Jr. Nationals in the mail today!

I got my brand new posing suites that I ordered from CJ in the mail today!!! I LOVE THEM! They are so pretty! The night suite is covered in rhinestones! I can't wait to wear them for the Jr. Nationals! :o)

I trained chest and triceps today but didn't get a chance to go over my posing this time. I did change my diet today. I only get 60 carbs a day now. Well see how I feel. lol! I won't have much energy over the next few days. I cut my salt out on Wednesday... Yuck! Well, it's not as bad as it sounds. I'm use to my diet foods now. I just have to be sure not to over cook my chicken breast so it's not dry. Dry chicken breast and no salt would be gross!

Oh, and I feed the ducks again today! It was the cutest thing in the whole wind world!!! One of the big white ones let me pick him/her up!!! hehehehe! Maybe it was because I had a bowl of duck food in my hand (dog treats that I wet and chopped up). You know what else was cute??? A blue jay flew down and snagged an entire half a slice of bread off the ground and flew away with it!! hehehe! :o) Well, I've got to go now.. on my way out the door to the gym again. I have to do an hour of cardio, tan, and call James about the webcam site when I get in the car

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