Friday, June 17, 2005

2005 Jr. Nationals Pre Judging Went Well

The prejudging for the Jr. Nationals was today!!! WOW! What a big show!! Over 200 competitors total!!! I weighed in at 137 on the dot so that puts me in the correct weight class this time! I'm in the women's open light heavy class. ;O) LOL! Remember what happen at the last show I did? I got stuck in the heavy weight class because I was 1 lb over! Don't want to do that again! Well, the prejudging for the Jr. Nats went well so far. I was the 2nd number called out in the first call out!!!!!!!!!!! That means I have a very good chance at getting 2nd place in my weight class! ;o) I think there were a total of 10 competitors in my weight class. I did go out and have real food after the show. I even have pictures of me stuffing my face!!! hehehehe! and yes, I will be posting them on here for you to see. lol! Now I have to hold my condition until tomorrow night for the night show so I can't go to over board with the food just yet. I did take a picture of me back stage with my king size Reeses Cups before I walked out on stage too..

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