Wednesday, June 08, 2005

My Day

Today I
-changed the buttons on Nasser El Sonbaty's website for him
-ran sprints at the park (got to get my legs cut for the Jr. Nationals & the USA)
-feed the duck before I left (How could I leave the park and not feed the ducks! No way!)
-stopped at the post office to drop some 8x10's & videos in the mail and I checked my mail box while I was there (I got a package with some new bikinis in today! I LOVE shopping online!!!)
-met with my trainer to do back & biceps, then went over my posing again
-went to my gym after to do calves and an hour of cardio
-tan (Yes, I was nude! Oiled up too!)
-picked up a few things at the grocery store (more chicken, fish, & natural peanut butter)
-then drove an hour to my mom's house to pick up my 3 dogs and my 2 cats (I dropped them off Thursday so I could go to my show to compete this past week end). My car was FULL!
-then I cleaned my whole house
-did cam shows on FTwebcam
well that pretty much sums up my day! :o)

Oh, and I spoke with someone from Card Service International (The Internet Tool Box) about getting a merchants account for my website! I can't wait till I have that in place.. I'm going to have a new join page. I don't want to keep using CCbill.

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