Sunday, July 22, 2007

About To Shoot Some More Video!

Here are some pictures of me at Denise's house stopping to take a coffee break and talk on the phone between shooting the next scene for the DVD! We're having so much fun!! It's like a big house party. lol! We even have a make up girl walking around the house wearing a strap on!! She's not using it on anyone but we are having a ball!! There are two HUGE boxes of dildos, vibrators, strap on's, anal toys, etc.. full to the top in the closet just waiting to use used!!! Oh, and there is a fucking machine on the way along with a dildo attachment for a drill and one for a sawzall (also knows as a fuckzall )!!!!!!! The package is being shipping U.P.S. and will be here Tuesday! Don't you wish you were here!

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