Friday, October 12, 2007

I Finally Got My Birth Certificate

I FINALLY got my birth certificate in the mail today!!!!!!! Yea!! For those of you who don't know the story.. When I won the MW class at the 07 Team Universe I won a trip to Spain to represent the USA in the World Championships but couldn't go because I was unable to get my passport. I couldn't get the passport because my original birth certificate was lost in Hurricane Katrina and I had a hard time getting a replacement! Not having an original birth certificate also stopped me from getting a TX drives license. Now that it finally came in the mail I was able to renew my drives license before it expired. Long story short... don't lose your birth certificate in a hurricane! The funny part about that story was that I put it i a safety deposit box at the bank in New Orleans when I lived there thinking it was safe and the bank flooded to the roof for 3 months. How weird is that?! Now that I have it I'm applying for a passport so I'll have it for next year!

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