Tuesday, May 24, 2005


OK, SO MY PUG IS IN HEAT, RIGHT? ok, i have a lab(vinnie) who's favorite passtime is sucking in chilled air conditioning and lying on his ever-expanding ass. he and the pug are best friends.....they do everything together. BUT he wants NOTHING do with the pug as far as her being in heat goes. so here's the deal: he won't do ANYTHING, so the pug (priscilla) decides she's going to get ANYTHING she can. at this point, she begins to straddle his head, as he lays his lazy ass on the floor.....TOTALLY oblivious to her existence, and starts grinding his head like a pro. vinnie doesn't budge....or move....he just lies there. thats the funnt part. here's where the retardation of my spouse begins to manifest itself: he has the video camera about to help me make some clips for my website. unbenounced to me...HE VIDEOS THIS, THEN TAKES IT INTO A PROGRAM TO ADD CHEAP 70'S PORN MUSIC TO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok, yes, IT IS HILLARIOUS!!!!!!!! BWAAAAAHHAAAAAAAAAAAAA. he wants to send it in to americas funniest animals, lol!

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