Monday, May 30, 2005

I set my alarm today so that I could be at the gym to meet Roddy to practice my posing. I rushed to get dressed, fix my food, check my email, and got my video camera packed up to bring with me. I hurried to get in the car and rushed down the road hoping I wouldn't be late today too.. as I was going down the road I checked my voice mails on my cell phone and that's when I got the message that was Memorial Day! No gym! No Bank! and No Post Office!! I couldn't go to the gym, couldn't make my deposit, and I couldn't mail my packages or get any mail! That's just great! I had NOTHING else that I need to do so I went home!! I guess I could have went shopping but I couldn't think of anything I NEEDED to buy! I did feed the ducks though! They are sooooooo sweet!!! The little guys come out of the water and eat the bread out of your hands... I LOVE the way their little beaks bite my fingers when they are eating the bread out of my hand because they have no teeth so they can't bite. hehehehe! My dogs look at me like I'm a criminal when I throw the bread in the water because they want to eat it instead! It's funny! My lab all but jumped in the water trying to get to the bread before the ducks got it. It bothers him so much that he'll start pacing back and forth because he doesn't know what to do with himself!

Happy Memorial Day!

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