Thursday, May 26, 2005

Last Day Of Leg Training

On my way to the gym I stopped off at the park to run more sprints before my show. I'm trying to get my legs to cut. When I was done with that I met with my trainer again to go over my posing. I'm FINALLY catching on to my posing routine for the show. Still have no music to practice to though. I should get it over the next few days though. I always wait till the last minute for EVERYTHING!!! Once I even got to the airport 15 minutes before my plane took off!!! Now that was NUTS! It never fails! I'm always running late or barely make my appts!!! It's kind of funny! Oh, today was the last day of any kind of leg training at all before my show. I did 2 sets of deep squats with just a 5 lb plate on each side of the bar just to warm up. Then I added a 25 to each side and did 2 sets of 20, then I added a 45 to each side and did 2 more sets of 20 with a minute rest in between. I moved on the leg presses where I put two 45's on each side and did sets of 50! It about killed me but I did 3 sets of those. After I moved onto 3 sets of high rep leg extensions, leg curls, standing leg curls, & more cardio. When I was done I went downstairs and tanned for 12 minutes. My legs were like jello walking down the stairs... I should have taken the elevator!

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