Friday, September 30, 2005

I joined a new gym & will be moving into my new place

I joined a new gym today! I have a 3 year membership at the 24 hour fitness now so I can workout at 3am if I want to! hahaha! Not that I would but, I could. Also, I should be moving into my new place around the 5th of Oct. It's really nice but, I'm sitting on the floor and sleeping on an air bed. Well, I just wanted to keep you posted. Looks like things are getting back to normal after the hurricane. I think I'm going to be going back to New Orleans in about a week to let FEMA into my old place to take pictures.
I was watching the news yesterday and it looks like there is a 3rd hurricane on it's way. They say it's pointed right at Texas where I'm at! :o(
My new mailing address is:
Melissa Dettwiller
3118 FM 528 #295
Webster, TX 77598

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