Thursday, September 22, 2005

Here we go again! Evacuation #2!

It's almost funny in it's own weird way but, it's as if Hurricane Rita is following me! I left New Orleans because of the last hurricane and evacuated to Houston, TX. Now Hurricane Rita is pointed right at Houston, TX where I just signed a lease on an apt! If it wasn't for that I'd pack up and move to Las Vegas with out looking back! On the bright side... I did find a hotel about 80 miles north of Houston in Conroe, TX and I did manage to find lots of snack food, ice, and some bottles of water. :o) Finding the water was the hardest task. The ice was easy because all I had to do was go to the ice machine at the hotel I'm at. If you ever get caught with a hurricane headed your way and you can't find ice look at the local hotels ice machine! It's often over looked! If it wasn't for that I would have been out of luck because all the ice was sold out BIG TIME! SAME went for the water! The only reason I found bottled water was because a box got pushed under a shelf and for some weird reason I though to get on my hands and knees and look under it.. Don't ask me why.. lol! I really don't know.. I couldn't get over how empty the grocery store was. After we check out and were leaving we saw a family with 4 kids and a beat up looking car sitting under a tree in the 109 degree heat and they were there when we went in the store also. We stopped and asked if they were ok and learned that they were from Houston, TX and didn't have a place to stay or any money for food, gas, or water. I gave them 5 of my bottles of water, 2 bottles of soda water, and a $20 bill. The dad told me thank you very much as was very thankful for the gas money. I wish I had a place for them to stay but, my room was full already. What really got me was they didn't ask for anything and were very modest!

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