Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Why fry?

O.K. guys... who got the bright idea to make a funnel cake?? I mean whhhhhhhhhhyyyy??? What would make a person want to fry a sugar batter? I don't even think they taste that good.. Yuck! Just think of all that oil it's soaking in!!! Same goes for donuts... lol! Can't they bake them? Why do they have to be fried? :o) I still eat donuts though, just not very often. Did you know cake frosting is made of lard, sugar, and coloring! Oh, and who got the bright idea to make mayonnaise! YUCK! That's an egg and a jar of oil!!! You'll NEVER catch me eating that on my food! Any waaaaaaay.... One more thing I just don't get... what's up with all the sugar in drinks today? I mean if you pick up a can of Coke or a bottle of Power Aid you'll see that it has any where from 30 - 60g of sugar!!! That's NUTS! I'd much rather eat that much sugar in a piece of pie, some ice cream, or a candy bar! Wouldn't you? Now on a different note.. who was the first person who got the idea in his/her head to eat a crawfish? What I mean is who was the first person to see this bug looking thing crawling on the grown and thought, I want to eat that! If you think about it that way it is kind of weird but I LOVE boiled crawfish!!! Hey, I am from New Orleans! :O) I guess I'm just taking up space in my blog so I guess I'll get off the subject. :O)

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