Sunday, July 03, 2005


Someone stole my pictures from my FTwebcam picture archive and posted them on and he saying that HE IS ME!!!
CLICK HERE for the FAKE page

I have NO idea why a man would use my pictures to say that he is me. Is he some kind of weird cross dresser that wants to me a female?? I just don't get it!! He even went to far as to make up a WHOLE different profile for me and even made stuff up about me like... my favorite sport is basket ball! I don't like basket ball! He even bushered my profile so it looks like I don't even know how to write so I'm thinking maybe this person is not from the U.S.A. Maybe he's foreign or somthing.

Oh, he did email me back telling me that he was not going to delete the fake group!

My REAL groups is here if you want to join it

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