Sunday, July 03, 2005

OMG! My Pug Chewed Up $1,000 Of MY MONEY!!!!!

OMG!!! I put $1,000 cash on my coffee table and my pug got it!!!! I have no idea why but she chewed it up!!! It was all 100 dollar bills. My husband and I were on our hands and knees on the floor picking up the pieces! We were finding them under the couch, coffee table, etc... We pretty much got them all but she must have LITERALLY ATE one of the bills as it chewed it and swallowed it! Well, not the whole thing but enough of it that she got both serial numbers so I couldn't get credit for it at the bank! We taped what we could together which was 9 of the 100 dollar bills. The bank did give us credit for the 9 hundreds but told us no for the last bill. Danny was REALLY mad about the lost hundred but I like to look at the up side of things.. I was glad that I saved 9 of them. His point was that it should have never happened. Yea, so I'm out of a hundred dollars! Well, there are worst things in life that can happen! Oh, now back to why I left $1,000 just sitting on the coffee table.. well, that was because I was about to leave the house to make a deposit and my dog has never chewed up money before. I really haven't have a problem with my pug chewing stuff so I have no idea why she would have done that and I NEVER expected that she would have chewed my money. So I guess the moral of the story is "Don't leave your money out for your pug to eat!"..

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