Wednesday, October 07, 2009

My New Friend!

I run down my stairs & into my garage to grab my purse out of my car and OMG!!! There is a live pigeon just perched on a box next to wall in my garage! That's the LAST thing I expected to see! I opened the garage door so it could leave but he made himself at home! It hasn't left that spot all day.. What do I do with the cutie pie?! He's cute as can be and took up residence in my garage!!! It's not like I'd kick him out or anything but I don't want to get some weird bird flu or somthing from touching it. It's a wild bird!
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inge said...

i love your photos

your love Inge

Lord Daroth said...

It may be cute, but Gregory House knows the truth about them:

Flying Rats:)