Saturday, October 03, 2009

2009 Olympia After Party

Here are some photos from the Olympia after party at Rain Night Club!!
Before the fun started!!

Group shot!!! Danelle loves ME!!!!

Allie's sexy ass!!

Photographer Dan Ray, Danelle, Katka

Photographer Tre thinks he can fall asleep at the after party and Allie and I thought we'd do something about it!!

VIP view of Rain the night club

MaryAnn & Photographer Gene

photographer Dan Ray and Danelle

Mmmmm... Me & Allie Moyer on the way out the door after the after party!

Melissa Dettwiller, Allie Moyer, and Tanya

Annie, Photographer James Cook from & me!!

Photographer Steve with

Lets put the photograpers in a scissor head lock! R u ok down there Lou??

Tanya, Photographer Dan Ray, Danelle & Me!!

Allie's ass in my hands!! What could be better than that!?

Tre fell asleep at the after party so Allie and I woke him up!! Photographers work so hard!!
Me & Photographer Tre Scott

Nikki and I in the bathroom at Rain! Hmmmm...


Lord Daroth said...

Holy Shite...

That's some awesometacularness...

If I only was there:)

Anonymous said...

Wow now thats a pic.