Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Our flight from Chicago to New York

After the Jr. Nationals were over I went to New York to shoot with Brian Moss again. Our plane ride was something to remember!!!! It was so bad it was funny! It was like something out of a movie! Our day started out with us rushing off to the air port about 1pm. We were the last to board the plane so we had no place for our carry on's in the over head. Our seats were in the front/middle of the plane and our carry on's had to go in the very back of the plane(that was a pain the butt when it was time to get off because it meant we had to stay seated till EVERYONE ELSE exited the plane before we could get up!). They got us all boarded and kept us sitting on the hot parked plane for 1 1/2 hours before we took off because there was a bad storm over New York. We finally took off then we made circles in the air in NY for another 1 1/2 hours. Finally the pilot anounced we were running out of gas and that we would be flying BACK to Chicago!! Goodie!! The 19 year old girl sitting next to me started freaking out and crying when she heard the anouncement because she didn't like to fly and was being kept on the plane. the idea of of 2 plane rided left her crying so hard that the stewardess gave her free vodka shots to calm her. I was pinned in the middle of this and my butt, back, and head HURT! We landed in Chicago (AGAIN) and sat on the plane for another 30 mins then they let us off the plane to get food and come right back.. how nice of them! We sat on the hot PARKED plane for another 30 mins. Finally we took off again! Once again the pilot came on to anounce that instead of the flight being 1 1/2 hours it would be 2 1/2 hours because they were flying around the storm. That meant we were going to fly through Canadian air space and were headed to Vancouver, Canada so we could turn and go to New York!!! How cool is that!! Our luggage came off the belt last and the wait scared me to death because I though it they lost my luggage!! finally we got all of our luggage, dropped off out luggage at the hotel and got something to eat! It was an experience I'll never forget and as odd as it may sound I'm glad it was my day because it will give me something to remember!

The next morning I took a cab to Brian's house to shoot in his vintage 70's gym. I'll be sure to post pictures as soon as I get them. They came out GREAT!!

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