Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My Flight To Chicago

Well, I dropped off my 3 dogs at the baby sitters (well the kennel) then left for the airport. For once I got there in time and wasn't running late so I was happy and in a good mood. I couldn't think of anything I forgot. I even packed a small ice chest type lunch box with grilled chicken, veggies, bottles of water, diet sodas, etc... Had everything I needed. Well I get to the baggage check and the lady behind the counter tells me my luggage is 25 lbs over the weight and charges me $50 for it!! How would I know how much it weighed? Then she points out that I'll be charged on all 3 flights! That's $150!!! If it was packed in 2 different suit cases it would have been fine. I guess I'll have to buy another suit case in Chicago because I'm not going home after this trip. Instead I'm flying to New York then back home to Houston. The lady also tells me that I have to many carry on's and that I'd have to check one of them. Lets just say I wasn't planning for that one! The flight was really bumpy and felt like I was on a roller coaster!! Kind of scary because I JUST opened a magazine I packed in my carry on to a page with a BIG picture of a plane crash!! Just GREAT!!!! What's the odds that I'd open to that page? Then I met Mel a stewardess on the plane. We talked about bodybuilding and the show I'm doing here in Chicago. I autographed one of my comp cards for him then latter he came back by to wish me luck in the show and gave me a gift of a bottle of wine that he had put in a bag for me. That was so sweet! After I got off the plan I went to baggage clam to pick up my luggage and mine was fine but my husbands looked like someone wet it with a garden hose and it was all beat up!!! The handle was jammed and when he pulled on it to get it up it came off in his hand! It was so funny but really wasn't funny if you know what I mean. When we got to the hotel we have a problem with the rate. Because I'm an NPC competitor I get a discount. The room should cost $149 a night but they wanted to charge me $180. We got that taken care of and right now I'm get trying to relax before the show. When I wake up I'm going to go visit the gym downstairs so I can get in my 3 hours of cardio. I'm doing an 1 1/2 hours of card in the morning before eat then latter I'll go back and do my workout for the day then follow that with another 1 1/2 hours of cardio.

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