Sunday, August 16, 2009

Me Changing A Tire

Now this is kind of funny so I just had to post it in my blog!! I was driving home the other night and I looked on the dash of my car andsaw that I only had 4 lbs of pressure in my back tire. I think... OH GOD!!! Then pull over at the first exit to find air to put in my tire. Somehow I knew that there was no putting air in it if the tire was that low but either way I had to pull over. Anyhow.. the story gets better, you see. The air machine was broken.. but like I said.. I don't think it mattered anyhow. I could HEAR the air coming from the tire so I knew it was done. Well, for some reason I didn't have the car manual in my car where it goes (it was in my office) so I had a hard time figuring out the jack... lol. It looked like one of those shiny new brain teaser puzzles! The jack was so tiny!! Anyhow, finally got the car jacked up, tire off, then the car fell on the ground and smashed the jack UNDER the car! I thought that was so funny I just couldn't help but take photos!! lol. Yea! it sucked but that's one of those things you just have to laugh at! Good thing I had a TomTom to be able to tell the tow truck driver where I was!!!! The tow truck driver shows up.. lifts up the back of my car and had the tire on in less than 5 mins & a hundred dollar bill later!

So now you know what happens when I change my own tire.. or try to anyhow!

P.S. I don't know if any of you noticed, but my size 8 1/2 Micheal Kore heels were larger than the jack provided to me for my 4,000


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