Friday, April 24, 2009

We need your help with getting the word out so please let your powerlifting and bodybuilding friends know that, starting this Saturday (April 25th) they'll be able to watch the complete, professionally filmed contest video of MHP's Clash of the Titans II and Kings of the Bench III (Ronnie Coleman Classic Expo.)

Here's the link to the website page where the video will be hosted

It will be available worldwide and it's 100% free-to-view !

700+ Pound Classic Squats ! (no powerlifting suits)

500+ Pound Benchpresses ! (no bench super shirts)

700+ Pound Deadlifts ! (no deadlift suits)

Smokin' Hot Card Girls !

Rippin' Loud Rock N' Roll Music !

Make sure and catch all the action on high quality video, starting this Saturday at

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