Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hmmm... what's going on with me today. Well, the photographer that was staying at my house for the last few days left to go home yesterday. :O( No more new pictures for me! lol! hehehehe! I'll be doing more photo shoots in April and the photos I took this past week will be going up on my site soon! It's some of the best offseason pictures I've taken! My trainer and I re-booked for Saturday so my day is more open today. I had an appt to get the windows tinted on my car but canceled it yesterday because the training appt and window tinting appt was at the same time. I just called the window tinting company back today to see if the appt was still open but they gave that time slot away. No fair! I don't mind waiting till Tuesday because it will give me something to do Tuesday! Maybe after I train at 24 I'll go get my nails done, tan, then get on web cam! Also, I'll be recording my cam show to archive in my members area for those of you who miss me on cam tonight. As far as my new goldfish go... well, one is in the hospital tank again because she has white dots on her head. If anyone is thinking of getting goldfish... do your homework first because I think taking care of a dog or cat is a lot easier!! Don't get me wrong! I love having the fish!

The interview I did for Hustler Magazine is getting a LOT of attention!!! WOW! I can't get over all the emails and message board post! Some good... some bad! :O)

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