Friday, November 25, 2005

Today's Workout

Hi guys, I trained back and biceps today! I just know I'm going to be sorer!!! My new trainer, Tom Light, an Olympic trainer, ran me into the ground and had me doing things I never did before. He wanted me to do pull ups and I told him I couldn't. lol, but he made me try anyway and like I told him... I really couldn't. hehehe! Jeremy Minihan, is actually my new trainer, but lives out of state from me. He and Tom are in contact with ea. other in regards to putting together a whole new, more symmetrical look for me. For those of you who don't know Jeremy, he is the trainer that took on Sherry Smith last year and took her to 2nd place at the USA"s in the HW calss. He also trained Mimi Jabalee for this year's Nationals which she took the HW division in. I met Jeremy at last years USA thru another one of his beautiful trainees, Kim Seeley. Tom is from Webster, TX where I am now residing. He comes highly recommended by and has worked with IFBB Pro Gina Davis, and currently has a stable of athletes in prep for Olympic competetion.

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