Thursday, August 18, 2005

My Day! Wasn't A Happy Camper When I Woke Up!

>:( I'm not a happy camper! I bought one of those expensive Motorola Razor cell phones a few weeks ago. I LOVED that phone! I downloaded a cute ring tone, wallpaper, and screen saver, and had it set just like I wanted it. I had a bunch of pictures in it that I didn't get to copy to my computer yet because the phone was still so new... Well any way... now that I've told you that part I'll skip over the the part where my husbands feet were killing him so I went to Wall-Mart to buy him one of those heated foot baths so he could soak his feet. Well, my cat loves to knock things on to the floor to watch them fall. You know how cats love to watch moving things... It's a cat thing! Well, I'm sure you can guess where I'm going with this story huh? My cat jumped on the desk and pushed my phone over the edge and into the water! Now I have no cell phone but, I do have a $20 foot bath!!!!!! Just GREAT! Oh, and I took the insurance off cell phone a few weeks ago because I never used it in all the years I had a cell phone!

Other than that, I went to the gym today! I trained legs but didn't go very heavy on them because they are already so big. I stopped at a plate on each side. I did do some heavy lounges to try to make my glutes grow and I did a few other things for legs. When I was done with that I did 40 mins of cardio to help out with all that extra food I've been eating. :o)

I called Andrea Trent on the phone tonight so we could fill out the CCbill form together so she can set up the billing on her site. Once that's in place the site will be ready for it's grand opening! I can't wait untill her site is up and running. I'm trying to get it up as soon as possible for her because she's already waited over a year for another webmaster to help her with her site and that fell through. So I told her that I would get it up for her. So when it's up I hope some my fans support her by joining her fan club. You can visit her site at

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